Friday, November 19, 2010

Feelin So Fly Like A G6

So, I FINALLY stepped my game up and got the Fantom G6!! I LOVE this thing for sure! I haven't even scratched the surface but I'm already learning how to use it pretty well. I like that you have complete control over your production. I've been using MIDI controllers for the longest, this is my first workstation and trust me, it's well worth it to me! I like the sounds it has to and I cant even begin to talk about the capabilities!! Recording...VOCALS? Mixing, Mastering etc... YO this thing is NUTS! I've had it for about 2 weeks now and I'm on my 4th track already. I'll keep grinding it out til I reach 400+ ha!!!! I'll be posting some "Beat Making Videos" soon enough so check me out!!!!



Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love &Rap FREE!!!Online Mixtape Release

Musik Lyfe Music Group Presents...

Love &Rap Online Mixtape Release (24 tracks FREE)

These tracks have been floating around the internet and @ my shows for some time now. There has to be several "un-official" versions. They all include various songs SOME here and SOME not so if you have those EXCLUSIVES, that means that your a TRUE fan/supporter!

But for the world, here is the OFFICIAL "Love and Rap" mixtape!!! I have the track below so download FOR FREE!!! CLICK THE PICTURE TO BE DIRECTED TO THE FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

Thanks again for the support I truely appreciate it!!!

Official Track List: 24 Track

1. Love and Rap Intro
2. Closer
3. Best Ever
4. I Want Ya
5. Its You
6. Come Back
7. iVent
8. Fo' Real?
9. Bedroom Musik prt.1
10.Sounds Like Musik
11.Love You Down
12.Get Grown
14.Can I Talk To You
15.What You Need
18.I Can Tell
19.Give It To Me
20.She Got That Good Shit
22.Day Break
23.My Kinda Girl

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'7 Days' The Mixtape

The Scoop: '7 Days' The Mixtape set to release THIS YEAR (2010)

The latest project from N.Jay, '7 Days' The mix tape, is set to hit the world this year! What started out as an album, has turned into a project with an "album like" format and the "no holds barred" attraction of a mix tape.

He has teamed up with producers like AAMP Productions (producers of "Dont Let Them" a single from the project), J.Rilla (writer co-producer of the lead single "7 Days A Week"), Track Damagerz, and of course Sound Click grinders Johnny Juliano, VYBE, and Trackslamerz. Its a mix of classic hip-hop, showcasing his lyricism, pop, which adds versatility, and "new wave", which can just be described as that NEW S**T. N.Jay himself also lends a hand to the production pandemonium on the mix tape.

You can NOW download FOR FREE two songs from the Mixtape!!! I have the links BELOW!!!
Thanks for the support!!!

"So Popular" Feat. TyLondon (produced by AAMP Productions)

"Dont Let Them" Feat. Ronell Betts (produced by AAMP Productions)